Finally, A Dog Fence They Can’t Climb Over

Finally, A Dog Fence They Can't Climb OverBeing a dog owner is one of the most rewarding experiences that a dog lover can have. It is true that being a dog owner can be a very one sided relationship, however. You can spend a fortune on feeding them, grooming them, giving them good toys, and yet they may still try to escape from you and the chain link fence that you have put in.

If you have a dog that is a serial climber who is constantly looking to escape then you know it can be incredibly frustrating (and expensive) to try and keep them contained. Unfortunately two of the most popular containment methods simply do not work.

Chain link is a complete failure when it comes to keeping any tenacious or large dog contained to the back yard. This is because chain link was not designed with dogs in mind. It was designed as a simple enclosure for back yards to divide property.

Its pattern and structure only help to support a dog when they are trying to climb over the fence because it supports their weight and their paws. Year after year people lose their dogs because they make the mistake of assuming that their fence will be enough to keep them contained and it simply will not.

Another highly popular method that has been proven to be completely ineffective on its own is that of invisible fencing. While the high pitched sound that it emits will cause discomfort for your dog it will not be long before they build up a tolerance and start to test its limits.

Eventually they will attempt an escape that proves to be successful. Granted, it can be effective when paired with the right fence but it just leaves too much wiggle room for escape on its own. The truth is that if you are wanting to keep your dog enclosed and safe then you need the best dog fence money can buy.

A company called Pet Playgrounds creates what is arguably the best dog fence on the market because it is designed to be completely escape proof. It is designed to prevent the dog from being able to dig their way out, jump over it, or climb over it.

This is because it is a complete enclosure that takes away any wiggle room that they have for escape. It utilizes a special mesh pattern that is too small for the dog to fit their paw into without causing great discomfort. If the mesh’s shape does not prevent the climbing then the lack of weight support for the dog will. It will buckle under the dog’s weight without breaking.

Using the fence from Pet Playgrounds ensures that your dog will not escape no matter how much they try. This is one of the most important functions of any dog fence and for chain link to be such a failure means it should not be trusted.

Get your dog a fence that will guarantee their safety and location. Go with the Pet Playgrounds option and get some peace of mind that your dog is safe.

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