How to Wash 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets

wash-sheetsIf you were to put together a list of the most fantastic fabrics in the world it would not take long before you got to Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is one of the most luxurious, beautiful, and comfortable fabrics on the planet. It is a sound investment for anybody who takes their comfort levels seriously and understands that in order to get the best relaxation quality possible they must be willing to spend just a little bit extra. However, like with all other investments, you must be able to care for your sheets properly. Here is how you must wash your pure Egyptian cotton sheets.

Easy Does It

The first thing you need to understand about washing your Egyptian cotton sheets is that you cannot merely pop them into the washing machine with the rest of the clothes in the house and expect them to maintain their quality and comfort level. It is simply not possible to treat Egyptian in the same manner that you would your tee shirts. You need to treat your Egyptian cotton sheets with care and be very gentle with them. You want to use the gentlest setting possible. This will prevent any long term damage. You can learn more about Egyptian cotton at

Removing Them Quickly

The last thing that you want to do after you have washed your Egyptian cotton sheets is let them merely sit in the washer. This will create some nasty creases and wrinkles in the sheets which will start to wear them down over and over with each subsequent washing. It also opens them up to the threat of mildew which is a nasty problem to have. What you want to do is move your sheets over to the dryer immediately after they are done in the washer. When you put the sheets in the drier be sure to utilize the gentlest setting possible. This method may take longer but it is well worth the patience you will use.

After Drying

Once you have dried your sheets you want to immediately fold them up and place them wherever it is that you put your recently cleaned sheets. By doing this you are preventing any wrinkles from setting in as well as getting into the habit of running regular maintenance on your sheets.

Protecting Your Investment

Egyptian cotton sheets are not a cheap investment. They cost a considerable amount up front and many people do not take the responsibility of taking care of them seriously enough. Regular cotton does not provide comfort like Egyptian cotton sheets do, so it makes sense that you would need to put a little more care and attention into them when you are not using them.

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